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Guilford County Democratic Party launch the Seniors for Biden campaign


Local leaders gathered with a group of senior citizens at the Guilford County Democratic Headquarters on June 12 in support of the Biden-Harris administration and their efforts to support Medicare and Social Security for senior Americans. 

The event served as just one of many kickoff events across the country for Seniors for Biden-Harris, a national organizing coalition to mobilize key communities around what’s at stake for American seniors in the 2024 election. 

Speakers remarks highlighted the contrast between the Biden-Harris administration’s work to protect American seniors — including reducing the cost of prescription drugs, capping the price of insulin at $35 for seniors and strengthening Social Security and Medicare – with Donald Trump’s plans that would raise costs for not only seniors, but also impose excessive taxes on the backs of working-class families. 

“I want to remind folks that beyond attacking our wallets and our healthcare, Trump is attacking our core American values. My father was a Civil Rights activist and a WWII veteran, so I understand deeply what it means to stand up for our rights and to fight to preserve our freedom,” said District 2 Council member Goldie Wells. 

“When we vote, we have to think about the mark it will leave on history and the effect it will have on the next generation,” she added. 

The Biden-Harris administration has proposed boosting funding for home care programs, took steps to strengthen staff at nursing homes and they are fighting to permanently expand Medicare and home healthcare services so that seniors can stay in their homes, instead of needing a nursing home. 

District 4 Council member Nancy Hoffmann noted that healthcare services like those are life-changing, but also expensive. 

“While government insurance can help to cover some of the costs, Donald Trump wants to roll this coverage back, making nursing homes and home healthcare inaccessible for many seniors, especially those who are on fixed incomes,” said Hoffmann. 

Trump has been documented saying that he’s open to cutting Social Security and Medicare, cutting retirement benefits, and wants to terminate the Affordable Care Act, which would raise costs for over two million North Carolina seniors. 

Senior Democrats of Guilford County President, B.J. Gerald-Covington, shared her personal account of needing services like Medicare because of her adult daughter with disabilities. 

“North Carolina seniors cannot afford another Trump presidency. Many seniors like me rely on Medicare, especially folks with disabilities. I do have a child with a disability, and I have fought for her rights and others for many years. These programs are literally the difference between life and death,” said Covington. 

Former N.C. Senator Floyd McKissick Jr. noted that the older generations have a responsibility to make sure younger generations are afforded the same benefits. 

“The Biden-Harris administration understands that the benefits of these programs belong to the American people. Folks who have paid their hard owned money into Social Security and Medicare since their very first paychecks. As a father and grandfather, I want the next generation to have the same rights and opportunities that we had, that we fought so hard for,” he said. 

The press conference was followed by postcard writing and phone banking with the Senior Democrats of Guilford County.